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\joy• al• i• tee/


the quality or state of feeling deep and encompassing joy; a feeling of wholeness, oneness and exuberance for life


Joyality is that feeling when every cell of your being is joyful, alive and at peace. It is that feeling that you can’t quite put words to, because they could never do it justice. It is deeply related to love, acceptance, gratitude, and the pure wonder of being alive- but exactly what it is will always be something of a mystery.

Joyality is different for everyone as we are all unique individuals whose souls are sparked by a diversity of people, places, and activities.

Joyality is different than happiness. The word “happiness” comes from “happenstance”- it is something that happens and then is gone, it is dependent on circumstance. Joy is something altogether different. Once joy enters a person it never leaves. It is always accessible to us in the recesses of our hearts and souls, even if we do not feel joyful at that moment, because joy is part of the Eternal. It is one of the core energies of existence. Think of joy as one giant entity – the joy in me is connected to the joy in you. In fact, it is the same universal energy, it all stems from the same pot of joy.*

The Joyality Program is about developing your relationship with that pot of joy, learning to access it in the darkest of times, and using it to create positive change in the world. This joy is more accessible when you dive deeply into life. This means fully embracing the wonder and beauty of existence, as well as engaging with the challenges, feeling the pain that is an inevitable and integral part of the human experience.

This is a practice. The dominant culture encourages and rewards denial, ignorance, and separation. It teaches that material consumption is the pathway to fulfillment, and that so called “negative” emotions should be repressed rather than expressed. The world is overflowing, quite literally, with distractions, entertainment, and invitations to deny the personal and planetary problems we face. While these may bring momentary relief, or even happiness, they do not satisfy the deep, gnawing, beautifully human desire for connection, joy, and being present and alive in the world.

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious – the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”

            – Albert Einstein

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* Sourced with permission from Michael Mead’s lecture on The Need for the Ecstatic (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0dlM6Ii3ww).
© Copyright 2015 Eshana Bragg and Rachel Taylor